#30layers30days: day 27 – who needs you

your voice matters


Who do you want to serve? Inspire? Connect with? Be a voice for?

who do i want to serve?

  • people who are in similar shoes as me (women, single moms, black, low-income/hard workers/high dreamers)
  • people or organizations with (similar) goals and values

who do i want to inspire?

  • anyone that could use a source of inspiration. i was reminded last week that you never know what 1 thing could inspire another person. it doesn’t have to be a big gesture or action.  
  • my son

who do i want to connect with?

  • people who can guide me in the right direction

find your voice

who do i want to be a voice for?

  • myself. no one else’s job to be a voice for me than me. 
  • those who feel like they have no voice. or don’t know how to express it.


what’s your word? who needs you? 

#30layers30days: day 26 – secretly mine

great power great responsibilty spider man gif


Make a list of things that you DO want that you think you shouldn’t.


i think i did day 25 in the format of day 26. womp, womp. so i guess i should go backwards..

the things i DONT want…

  • to own a home
  • to be famous
  • power

the first one is a little tricky. security and stability are very important to me. but i’m not quite sure if my life entails being a home owner. all the burdens and responsibilities that come along with that. this is me, envisioning a life as a single parent (because it doesn’t seem to be changing any time soon). to have to worry about the roof, termites, mowing the lawn etc… is ALOT. there’s enough on my plate. the same reason why i don’t do my own hair, or build my own websites. i’ll leave the trades in the hands of the people who are trained and paid to do so.

that being said…if i were to get married – might re-consider my stance. 

i have NO interest in being famous. especially in this day and age. to be followed, and slandered and given no peace, rest or room to be human? for what? money? nope and nope. 

the same reasoning for power. with great power, comes great responsibility. i prefer being behind the scenes working towards something, than to be the face of something. 

i say THAT to say, my mentality about that may have to shift as i research the venture. 

i guess my don’ts aren’t as hard as i thought. hmm… 


[what’s your word]. feel free to actually follow the prompts unlike yours truly. wompity. 

a change is gonna come…

spread your wings

hi all,

you may remember me from such blogs as nowawordortwo.com. i was recently hit with the realization that it is time for me to spread my blogger wings and grow. 

for those of you who write blogs – they may be familiar. to those that just read.. lemme try to explain.

wordpress is home base. it’s the foundation of being able to present my blog to you. there are 2 different versions to wordpress: wordpress the renter and wordpress the home owner (this is not my analogy by the way). see this handy infographic that breaks it down. 

like with renting an abode – there are limitations to what you can do. sure the support is there should something break – but there’s only so much you can do to make it yours. and make no mistake – it will never be yours. 

cant fly with a weight

i was frightfully reminded of this when a technical error lead to my blog being shut down for a couple of days. when you hit the domain – it said that it didn’t exist. 

nothing was more hurtful in my life. 3 years, 350 posts vanished. banished. frantic tweets and emails to the landlord for a quick resolution to the matter. 

despite not wanting to take on the added responsibilities of becoming a ‘home owner’ – this was a wake up call that i COULD lose something very key and important to me. 

matter of fact..be right back as i do an export right quick. 

ok, i’m back. 

it’s not a coincidence that this is coming at the year anniversary mark of me taking the brand of this blog to a new level (thanks to the wordpress blogging 201 challenge last spring). so maybe the time is right. 


this means a few things:

  • as i figure all this out, there will be a time the blog isn’t accessible. 
  • when it comes back, it will look (hopefully) the same, but slightly different
  • there will be a new commenting system in place (not that many of you comment anymore! *sniffles*)
  • it will be a construction/renovation zone until i’m happy with what it looks like. (minus the property brothers unfortunately).

also in anticipation of trying to figure out how to take the blog to the next level, there may be some ads or posts to start earning some income. i truly have NO idea what this means – because truthfully, i have no clue where i want this to go.

and that’s the scary part. i started this blog, just for the sake of having a space to be myself. and it’s grown as i have in the past 3 years. i now find myself saying – what next? 

do i have to find a niche? is there a topic i’m going to have to write about exclusively? what topic is that? will i have to change my writing style? will i start to care too much about SEO and rankings and page views? will i have to change the integrity of the site (and therefore me)? 

many, many questions. as a registered attendee for both BlogHer and Blogging While Brown this summer – (and this Pinterest board), i hope to find some answers. 

none of this would be possible without you, the people who read, share and like what i have to say about and to the world. im extremely humbled and grateful. 

so let’s continue on this journey together shall we?


what’s your word? any feedback for me while we’re creating a new open-concept main floor, finishing the basement and adding some skylights? 

ps: i hate open-concept and the obsession with it on home reno shows. but that’s a different topic for a different day. LOL.